Emergency Feeding Programme - Monze


Wed, 09/25/2019 - 23:10

We were recently able to respond to an emergency request from Friends of Monze, a Bridgend based charity who support child centred programmes in the Southern Province in Zambia.

They urgently needed to set up a short term feeding programme for a group of 30 of the most disadvantaged children in the area of Monze, where crops had recently failed due to drought.

Ten of the children have severe disabilities, six had lost both parents and six have HIV and were not able to take their ARV medication on empty stomachs.

We were able to send money to buy cooking equipment and food for the first four months of the feeding programme  to get it up and running and allow time for them to find funding for the second  four months of the project  which we are pleased to say  they have now done.